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Big Shell Bikes

“World Looks Better From A Bike.” – Johnscott Buerger at Shortys 2012  


2011 Big Shell Bikes

Want to get out and explore Port Aransas on two wheels? At Big Shell Bikes, bicycle rentals are perfect for a day out and about in one of the most bikeable cities around — no matter your experience level. Don’t be afraid to ask questions, look around, or check out our special offers. We’ve worked hard to become one of Port Aransas’ biggest, best fleets, and we’re excited to help you get on the road to a good time. There is so much to see and do on your Big Shell Beach Bike!

You can put together a day of shopping around town or do a self guided nature tour around Port Aransas. If you need options for kiddos be sure to call in to see what is available. Big Shell Bikes has you covered!

Did you know you could reserve your bike online for delivery! Yup, get it delivered right to your door or pick up at any of the Scan-&-Go locations! Check out the Map on PortABucketList.com to see all the fun things to do your bike rides and to see where you can pick up your Scan-&-Go bike!

2010 Big Shell Bikes on Allister

A Little history: Did you know Big Shell Bikes’ Johnscott has been slinging beach bikes since 2010. They started as a West Coast-style Fat Bike Cruiser Shop, making and selling custom bikes while offering bike rentals. They worked hard to provide the highest quality bikes in the area, and with thousands of bikes sold and many friends made, it’s no wonder they became the top bike shop in Port Aransas. 

Big Shell Bikes started out  on the corner of Allister and Brundrett and stayed at that location for years. It was a classic Port A staple. In August of 2016, they packed their bags and moved about 2 streets over to Camp Coyoacan for their new chapter of slinging bikes and glamping tent stays. One year later and Hurricane Harvey wiped everything out in August 2017.  The whole town was devastated, and Big Shell Bikes was no different. Without a location, they offered delivery and pickup only. Still, the following December, they set up a temporary location and then finally a permanent home a year later at the Historic Anglers Court.  

2013 Big Shell Bikes painted blue


Now, Heather and Sydney run the show!  Give Heather a call at (361) 445-7001, book online or you can rent a bike with delivery or pick one up at one of their scan-and-go locations.  905 Hwy 361 (Port A Beer Hut) 800 Access Rd 1-A (Executive Keys Condominiums).  


Sydney (10) cruising in style


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