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Amos Rehabilitation Keep

Learn what goes on behind the scenes in a marine animal rehabilitation facility. Touring the ARK, you can expect to see endangered sea turtles, sea birds, raptor ambassadors, and interpretive signage focusing on the importance of marine life and their habitats.

Wednesdays, Fridays, and Saturdays at 10 am

Port Aransas

Featured Events

October 6-7
Port A Days

Celebrate the birthday of Port Aransas with a Sunset Cruise on the 6th and an all-day festival on the 7th!

October 13-29

A dynamic performance of Twist, just in time of Halloween at the Community Theatre

Ocotber 7
Fall for the Ark

Celebrate the 41st anniversary of the Amos Rehabilitation Keep at the annual fundraiser. 

October 20-22
Wooden Boat Festival

The Port Aransas Wooden Boat Festival,  family friendly event that features handcrafted kayaks, paddleboards, skiffs and sailing boats — as well as historic Farley boats.

Port A Bucket List

Always an adventure in Port Aransas! Explore the pages of PortABucketList.com for all the fun things to do. 

Live Music

Port A always has live music. Check the calendar to stay posted!

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