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Broncos and Beach

Duration: 9 hr
Public Event:  Some members are requesting for a second one because they missed the one for Father’s Day. The next best time to do another one will be Labor Day weekend on Saturday, September 2.
OK here we go
Make sure to pack a canopy fold up chairs your ice chest your lunch. Sunblock ,BYOB. also, they are requesting for a beach permit. Make sure you purchase one before going.
Activities …..
The volleyball net will be set up, but no competition on this time
Cornhole will be set up, but no competition this time.
If the turnout becomes great next year, there will be medals and trophies presented.
We will have a Beach cruise for those who want to participate.
Pets are allowed
Family members and friends are welcome to join. Their vehicles will be parked away from the Broncos
It would help out a lot if you can showed up early to cover more beach for our Broncos
When the date gets closer, we will add the mile marker that we’re going to be on.

September 2 @ 16:40
16:40 — 17:40 (1h)

Port Aransas

Port Aransas

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