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Everyday Fun!

There is always something to do in Port Aransas! Our website is chockful of ideas!


Scavenger Hunts!Ultimate Port A Bucket List

Click here for the Ultimate Port Aransas Scavenger Hunt!

Do it yourself, with the family, or with friends! Do as much as you can on a single trip to Port Aransas or spread it out over many! Prizes are available for participation!! Be sure to tag us and send us pics! We even have a children’s version!



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Self-guided Tours

Choose what you’d like to see on our map! We have self-guided nature tours, a list of all the cool funky shops and boutiques, historical locations to visit, kid fun spots, fishing spots, and even an insta-worthy mural tour! You just might be able to cross a thing or two off your bucket list using this map!!


So much more!!

We put together a list of free and low priced activities for you to enjoy and a comprehensive list of restaurants in the area to make the “what do you want to eat” process a little easier.  And if you need some help setting up a fun filled day with your main-squeeze, your partner-in-crime and/or your bestie-for-the-restie we have a Date Guide to help fill your day with fun activities!

Free and Low Price Activities 


Master Restaurant List


Date Guide


Full Calendar


Port A Bucket List Logo shape of Texas with a Palm tree



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Port Aransas

Port Aransas

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