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Wooden Boat Festival


Wooden Boat Festival

An annual event in honor of the wood boat history of Port Aransas Texas.

 How it Started

The Port Aransas Wooden Boat Festival was created by the staff and volunteers at Farley Boat Works eight years ago to provide a venue for showcasing the fine craft of wooden boat building.

The Festival celebrates a heritage that started locally in 1915 when the Farley brothers began making some of the first production fishing boats in the US right here in Port Aransas. The Farleys closed their doors in 1975  In 2011, The Port Aransas Preservation and Historical Association (PAPHA) purchased their last location. After retooling the machine shop, PAPHA gathered and trained a group of volunteers and manager to restart the tradition of building boats on the island.

This festival celebrates the success of Farley Boat Works (about 120 boats have been built there since it reopened) along with other wooden boats built and designed by individuals and kit companies from across the country.

green wooden boat ready to race It also provides an opportunity for prospective boats builders or seasoned boat builders to see what is out there.

One unique tradition of the festival is the Family Boat Build. Every year, four families begin building a boat at the festival start and launch it complete at the end.

More info about Wooden Boat Festival:

For more info about this years Wooden Boat Festival go to https://woodenboatfestival.org/

Last Year:


The boat chosen for the 2023 Family Boat Build is a 12’ to 13’ skiff. Designed by the guys at the Farley Boat Works, this skiff has been a proven success. It is a combination of skiffs built in the past. It has desirable lines and can be rowed — or has the potential to have a small electric or very small gas powered motor.

More details and description of this skiff can be viewed at the Family Boat Build Tent during the event.

Each family or group of friends will begin at 9 a.m. and will work until 5 p.m., Friday and Saturday, with a lunch break at noon. The boats will be launched unpainted at the marina at 2 p.m., Sunday afternoon. We will provide the builders with breakfast tacos and coffee each morning.

Port Aransas Wooden Boat Festival and all its festivities will be held at Roberts Point Park, 301 J C Boulevard, Port Aransas, TX 78373

How to Sign Up

As of 7/21/23: Spots for 2 teams are available at $1200 each.

To sign up, contact: ashley@farleyboatworks.org.



October 22 @ 15:50
15:50 — 16:50 (1h)

Port Aransas

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