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Coastal Ed’s Coastal Carts


Coastal Ed’s Coastal Carts: Golf Cart Rental Port Aransas

Coastal Ed’s Coastal Carts was one of the first cart companies in Port Aransas. Ed and Janet started the business out in Port O’ Conner in April of 2008 with a big vision of providing a social venue “beyond compare” on the Texas Gulf Coast! They had an EZGO dealership, espresso bar, full-service Blue Bell ice cream shop, and Columbia Fishing Clothes! What more could anyone want?
Then a hurricane named Ike in 2008 along with a struggling economy and the state legislature changed the rules on golf cars in 2009 and moved them to Port Aransas!

Yellow golf carts for rent in front of yellow building on Allister St in Port Aransas Coastal Eds Coastal Carts
Coastal Ed’s Original location on Allister

Coastal Ed’s opened its doors in Port Aransas in 2010. Located on the corner of Allister St and White St right next to the Boardhouse. They rented golf carts and Jeeps.
In August 2017 Hurricane Harvey swept through Port Aransas devastating the entire town. The 2017 season was officially over and the future was bleak.
The winds of change blew again- People kept asking if Coastal Ed’s Coastal Carts was coming back. We certainly would be back for the 2018 season! But NOT be back in our old location. The building was eventually renovated after the storm and became the new home of Connoisseur – A gift shop in Port ARANSAS! Coastal Ed’s found a new home at its current location at 600 Cutoff Rd. 

Retirement Time

Ed and Janet with grandkids

After another 2 years, Ed and Janet decided it was time to retire. They had several offers to sell the company but they didn’t want to sell just anyone. Ed approached his shop neighbors Rob and Jen and asked if they would be interested. Rob and Jen owned a cabinet shop next door and they had become friends over the years. After little hesitation, they said yes!! And so in October of 2019, Rob and Jen took ownership of Coastal Ed’s Coastal Carts.
Ed and Janet stayed around for a few months to get them familiar and off they went and retired in Rockport. I hear life is good being close to the grandkids. You can still find Ed and Janet around town sometimes lunching with the locals. 
Rob and Jen had big chanclas to fill but have managed to hold onto that 5-star rating.

Coastal Ed’s Coastal Carts New Owners Rob and Jen – 2019

 Best Carts in Port Aransas

When you want to rent the best golf carts in Port Aransas, look no further than Coastal Ed’s Coastal Carts! Whether you are renting or getting your cart repaired or customized, we have you covered! Locally owned and operated, you can depend on Coastal Ed’s for the best golf carts and service. Some people call them beach buggies, others call them beach thingies, beach carts, golf carts, and golf cars! You can call them anything you want! Fun for the whole family since 2010! Book yours today.

coastal eds coastal carts multi colored golf carts for rent in front of a yellow building
Coastal Ed’s original location on Allister – 2010


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