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Free Things to Do

Port Aransas

Free Things To Do

The Hotel Del Coronado as a sand castle during a beautiful California sunset

Beach!! Duh!!!

Needs no explanation as that is probably the reason you came to Port Aransas to begin with! Here is the full Nature Tour Map of Port Aransas.

many birds at the nature preserve of Charlie's pasture

Leonbelle Birding Center

The Leonbelle Birding Center showcases our vast variety of bird life. Be on the lookout for Boots, our resident 14-foot alligator!!

large granite slabs stretching out into the gulf of mexico to create the port aransas jetty

Walk the Jetty

This is one of my favorite things to do! On a good day when the waves aren’t too high, you can make it to the end. But be careful the rocks are wet and can be slippery/slimy in some spots and always be mindful of the water you never know when a big wave may come crashing over!!

young boy smiling on bike

Charlie's Pasture

Charles Pasture is a bike/walking trail from the Community Park through the pasture and ending at the ship channel. The Nature Preserve offers a free Nature Walk every Saturday at 8am. The tour meets at the Community Park. Free Nature Preserve Yoga at the pavilion in Charlie’s Pasture every Tuesday at 11:30 a.m. Register for both at porta.recdesk.com.

covered picnic area at roberts point park

Robert’s Point Park

Roberts Point is a great place to spend the day. Lots of picnic tables, play areas, and even fishing! 

Free Concerts on the 2nd Friday of each month from March through October.

small sand crab

Catch Sand Crabs

Sand Crabs can be found all along the beach. They like to dig holes in the sand to hide in. You can usually spot these holes pretty easily with their little crabby footprints leading you right to them. 

Once you find the holes either wait for them to come out or dig them out. This is especially fun at night with a flashlight. Be sure to let the little guys go unharmed.

young man in yellow shirt at skatepark in port aransas texas

Community Park

Playground, skatepark, dog park-  We have the best community park! Multi-story play structure for the kiddos, skate park, bike trails, dog park, disc golf, pickleball (see below), and even a swimming pool! You can see the pool info below in the low-price activities.

Boy playing Pickleball


If you enjoy pickleball, be sure to check out the Port A Pickleball courts located in the Community Park at 700 Clark Ave. If you don’t have your own gear you can check out the equipment for FREE by calling Parks and Rec at  (361) 749-4158

Ghost Tour

Feeling spooky?? Check out the Port Aransas self-guided ghost tour!


Art Center

Be sure to stop in the Art Center and look at all the beautiful beach-inspired art! Located at 104 N. Allister


Mural TourPort A

Mural TourPort A is a beautiful and colorful beach town you can spend a few hours or a whole day cruising around looking at murals and taking fun pics with them! Here is our Mural Art Map!

Closeup shot of a Roseate spoonbill in the water

Bird Watching


UT Marine Science Center

855 E. Cotter Avenue, Port Aransas Texas 78373.

Tuesday-Saturday from 10 a.m. – 4 p.m. 

Maps & Directions

The newly renovated Patton Center for Marine Science Education features eight large aquaria and engaging interactive displays, that provide opportunities for people of all ages to learn about the local marine life and the research that is conducted at the University Marine Science Institute and its Mission-Aransas Reserve program







Port Aransas

Ut-Marine Science Institute

750 Channel View Dr. Port Aransas Tx 78373

If you’re looking for something that’s free and educational, look no further than the UT Marine Science Institute. Located on the road to the jetty, you will find the beautiful facilities that house a mini aquarium experience, including a touch tank with urchins, starfish and more. There are tons of interactive educational games as well as puppets & a tower viewer overlooking the wetland center. A fishing boat complete with fishing poles and pretend fish is perfect for playing pretend and perfect for mom to get a few cute pictures while the kids play. My favorite feature was their touch screens that have “ask a scientist”, where kids can choose FAQs from a list of different scientists and hear the pre-recorded responses from the scientists themselves. Don’t forget to ask about joining in on an ARK turtle tour or you can register yourself here.

Port Aransas

Low Price Activities

young girl smiling with an iguana wearing blue sunglasses


Bring a pole or rent one out at Island Tackle. Be sure to check out our fishing page for the best local spots.


San Jose Island

San Jose Island is a deserted island just on the other side of the Port Aransas shipping channel. To access the north side of the channel, you need to catch a ride on  The Jetty Boat. It runs daily from Fisherman’s Wharf in Port Aransas to a private dock on the other side. The back-to-nature island offers excellent fishing, birding, and beach combing. This is a walk-on boat only, so be sure to pack snacks and drinks as there are NO accommodations on the North Side. We would also suggest a pull-behind wagon to help carry your gear.  It is $18.00 for anyone 13 or older, $9.00 for ages 6-12, and Ages 5 and under are free. Be sure to check The Jetty Boat Schedule for departure and return times. Reservations are not required.

big shell bike

Rent A Bike

Rent a bike from Big Shells Bikes!! Only $25 for a half-day rental!!  Pick one up at 905 Hwy 361 (Port A Beer Hut)

800 Access Rd 1-A (Executive Keys Condominiums) or give them a call to get them delivered for $20.

colorful dragon kite against blue sky

Kite Flying

Fly – It Port A has almost every kite you could imagine! Flying a kite is everyone’s favorite pastime, and the kids will love it too! Kite flying is perfect for the beach or the park.



The Port A Community Pool is an inexpensive way to spend the day. Ages 19-59 is $2 and only $1 for 18 and under and 60 and up!!

Screen Shot 2023-07-04 at 10.07.56 AM


At Fire It Ceramics you pick out a preformed ceramics piece, paint and get it “fired” (the finishing step). All the pieces are clearly labeled. The smallest ones are only $1 and go up from there.

Screen Shot 2023-07-04 at 10.09.52 AM


Amos Rehabilitation Keep Tours at the Marine Science Institute – The University of Texas at Austin – Every Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday at 10 am. Only 15 people were allowed on the tour. $10/person; three and under are free.

Beautiful girl is studying reading a book while standing on the floor among books in the bookshop


Looking for the perfect beach book to read on your vacation or need to rent a video to relax at the beach house? Be sure to stop by the Library and browse around. A non-resident Library card is $10/year

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