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Chapel on the Dunes

Chapel On  The Dunes Tour 9:15am



High on a sand dune overlooking the Gulf of Mexico in Port Aransas, there is a little white chapel, the oldest functional consecrated church on the Island. Known locally as the Chapel on the Dunes, it was built between 1937 and 1938 by Aline B. Carter who was called the “White Angel” because of her flowing, white organdy dresses and loving service to the community. Aline commissioned her friend and noted San Antonio artisan Ethel Wilson Harris, of Mission San Jose Pottery and Arts and Crafts Division of the Works Progress Administration, to construct the chapel. The altar and tile work were based on drawings designed by Aline. While attending Wellesley College, Aline received musical instruction for the harp at the Boston Conservatory as well as artistic training at the Eric Pape School of Art in Boston. Aline referred to her chapel as the Chapel of Eternal Light due her love of the morning light from the gulf and the sunset light from the bay shining through the small windows.

August 5 @ 01:55
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Port Aransas

Port Aransas

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